Declaration of Lakitelek II

”Values for Europe”



The Christian Political Movement for Europe, which was launched in November 2002 and consists of parties and organisations from more than ten countries, has now given form to their vision on the future of European politics. This vision was formulated at Lakitelek in 2002 in the Declaration of Lakitelek ”For a Christian Europe”.


At the brink of the historical Enlargement of the European Union and just weeks before the Intergovernmental Conference on the European ’Constitutional Treaty’, we want to stress the importance of Christian values. Not only have they influenced the shaping of the European peoples and cultures, but they are also of great worth to the future of Europe. This historic, present and future influence must be recognised in the ’Constitution’ of the European Union.


We will, therefore, strongly promote and defend Christian values in Europe. Not just because  they are Christian, but primarily because they contribute to a healthy European society within which it is good to live. We believe that Jesus Christ calls us to do this by following Him in both our personal lives and in the realm of politics.


We want to work on Christian social politics for the whole geographical continent of Europe. This Europe is not, in the first place, an economic unity, but an entity with a common history and shared values. With dedication, we will work for a Europe which is characterized as a just society where people can live their lives to the full.


1.      First and foremost, we acknowledge that God is the source of all authority, He is the ruler of the world. Political authorities, including European level political authorities, are His servants.


2.      We stand for the protection of life, because every life is precious. This means:


·        protection of unborn children and promotion of care for pregnant women;

·        respect for the lives of elderly people, promotion of hospices and a prohibition of euthanasia;

·        prohibition of cloning of man or animal.


3.      Protection of life also means we must give a voice to the needs of the weak. We are convinced that the government has a special responsibility for those who cannot look after themselves: those with disabilities, refugees and the poor in our own countries and abroad.


4.      The family is the cornerstone of society. It is the place where children learn responsibility, values and to live as good citizens. Families should be given all the room they need to realise these responsibilities. We reject every policy, for example tax or education policy or the undermining of marriage (e.g. by making same-sex-partnerships possible), which will negatively effect family life.


5.      We want to stress the responsibility of every citizen for his/her own neighbourhood.  However, we also stress the shared responsibilities of all kind of (civil) organisations for the public good. Governments must create a sphere within which individuals and organisations are encouraged to take up their responsibilities.


6.      Churches and other religious organisations have a valuable contribution to make in society. Full freedom of religion, for individuals, communities and organisations, must be a priority within Europe and in European foreign policy.


7.      We recognise the different peoples in Europe. Therefore, national identity must be protected and sovereignty of States respected. We stand for a balance in power between the different nations and the European Union: the responsibilities for public affairs should be at the level as close to the citizens as possible. Besides individual rights, we want to point out the importance of collective rights of minorities.


8.      Concern for God’s Creation is a major part of Christian social politics. We may not exploit natural resources. Instead, we are stewards of Creation and therefore sustainability of both economy and environment must be a priority.


The Christian Political Movement for Europe will focus on the out-workings of these eight political core values. Therefore, we will make and deepen contacts with all parties and organisations who share the same vision and we will encourage the training of young people in Christian political principles, at places like the ”Cardinal Mindszenty” Catholic and ”Gábor Bethlen” Protestant Academy.


Lakitelek, 12th September, 2003.