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Here is a relatively recent list of my publications.

Journal Papers

Dalli, A. Bovingdon, R. 2003. Statistical Analysis of the Source Origin of Maltese. Corpus Linguistics Around the World, Rodopi, Amsterdam.

Conference Papers

Dalli, Angelo. 2006. "Statistical Analysis of the Impact of Online News Media and Blogs and Country Economies", CSAW 2006, University of Malta.

Dalli, A. Catizone, R. Wilks, Y. 2006. "Clustering-Based Language Independent Multiple-Document Summarizer at MSE 2006", MSE 2006 Workshop on Task-Focused Summarisation, COLING-ACL, Sydney, Australia.

Dalli, A. Wilks, Y. 2006. "Automatic Dating of Documents and Temporal Text Classification", ARTE 2006, COLING-ACL, Sydney, Australia.

Dalli, A. 2006. "Temporal Classification of Text and Automatic Document Dating", HLT-NAACL 2006, New York City.

Dalli, A. 2006. "Statistical System for Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Online News and Blogs", WWW2006, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Catizone, R. Dalli, A. Wilks, Y. 2006. "Evaluating Automatically Generated Timelines from the Web". LREC 2006, Trento, Italy.

Dalli, A. 2005. "Evolution of Texts and News over Time", Erasmus Mundus Workshop on HLT, Valletta, Malta.

Yunqing, X. Dalli, A. Wilks, Y. Guthrie, L. 2005. "FASiL Adaptive Email Categorisation System", CICLING 2005, Mexico City, Mexico, in Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science.

Dalli, A. Yunqing, X. Wei, L. 2004. "Sheffield TERN 2004 System", DARPA/NIST TERN Workshop, Washington D.C.

Dalli, A. Yunqing, X. Wilks, Y. 2004. "FASiL Email Summarisation System", COLING 2004, Geneva, Switzerland.

Dalli, A. Tablan, V. Bontcheva, K. Wilks, Y. Broeder, D. Brugman, H. Wittenburg, P. "Web Services Architecture for Language Resources", LREC 2004, Lisbon, Portugal.

Dalli, A. Yunqing, X. Wilks, Y. 2004. "Email Summarisation and Named Entity Recognition", HLT 2004, Boston.

Dalli, A. 2004. "An Internet-based method for Verification of Extracted Proper Names". CICLING 2004, Seoul, Korea, in Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science.

Dalli, A. 2004. "Automated Email Integration with Personal Information Management Applications". CLUK-07, Birmingham, UK.

Dalli, A. Bovingdon, R. 2003. "The Maltese Language of Australia: Maltraljan". 9th Int. Conf. on Minority Languages (ICML), Kiruna, Sweden.

Dalli, A. 2003. "Adaptation of the F-measure to Cluster-Based Lexicon Quality Evaluation". EACL 2003, Budapest.

Dalli, A. 2002. "Creation and Evaluation of Extensible Language Resources". 3rd Int. Conf. on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC), Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain.

Dalli, A. 2002. "Application of Bioinformatics Techniques to Lexicon Creation and Refinement". CompLing Group, University of Arizona, Tucson.

Dalli, A. 2002. "Biologically Inspired Lexicon Structuring Technique". HLT 2002, San Diego, California.

Dalli, A. 2001. "Interoperable Extensible Linguistic Databases". IRCS Workshop on Linguistic Databases, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

Dalli, A. 2000. "Data Representation Formats for Maltese". Technical Report. University of Malta.


Dalli, A. 2010. Timeline and Named Entity Extraction for Hyperlinked Corpora, Ph.D. Dissertation. University of Sheffield.

Dalli, A. 2002. Computational Lexicon for Maltese. M.Sc. Dissertation. University of Malta.

Dalli, A. 2000. Software Requirements Engineering. B.Sc.(Hons.) Dissertation. University of Malta.


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