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Institute of Linguistics and Language Technology, Rm 111, University of Malta
Tal-Qroqq Msida MSD2080, Malta

(+356) 2340 2150


My main interests are in computational linguistics, experimental psycholinguistics and semantics.

I work especially in Natural Language Generation (NLG). I'm particularly interested in models of reference production and generation, data-to-text NLG, and temporal coherence in narrative.

I'm also interested in morphology from a computational and a psycholinguistic point of view.

Assiduity: Intelligent Legal Search

In this project, we're using intelligent text processing techniques to provide lawyers and law students with an app to search through large bodies of legal text.

Assiduity is funded by a University of Malta TakeOff Seed Fund award.

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MLRS: Maltese Language Resource Server

The MLRS is an ongoing project creating several resources and tools for the analysis and processing of Maltese and other languages of Malta.

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