Semantic Technologies for the Web

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Introduction: Semantic Web

Davis et al, What is a Knowledge Representation?


Stuart C Shapiro, Knowledge Representation


Berners-Lee, T., Hander, J. and Lassila,O., The Semantic Web


Knowledge Representation note

Web Knowledge

Minsky, M.(1974), A Framework for Knowledge Representation


Stephen Peters,Howard E. Shrobe Using Semantic Networks for Knowledge Representation in an Intelligent Environment


J.F.Sowa(1987), Semantic Networks, revised edition of article in Encyclopaedia of Artificial Intelligence, S.C. Shapiro (Ed.) New York, Wiley and Sons


Pascal Hitzler, Markus Krotzsch, Sebastian Rudolph, Foundations of Semantic Web Technologies, Simple Ontologies in RDF and RDF Schema


Semantic Web Primer Chapter 3






Apache Any23


RDF Validator

Querying Linked Data

Christian Bizer, Tom Heath and Tim Berners-Lee (2009) Linked Data - The Story So Far International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems, Vol. 5(3), Pages 1-22. DOI:


Nigel Shadbolt, Kieron O’Hara, Tim Berners-Lee, Nicholas Gibbins, Hugh Glaser, Wendy Hall and m.c. schraefel(2012) Linked Open Government Data: Lessons from IEEE Intelligent Systems, 27, (3), Spring Issue, 16-24.






Linked Data






Dublin Core


LOD star scheme


Tim Berners-Lee: On the next Web


Tim Berners-Lee: The year open data went Worldwide


Querying in SPARQL, chapter 3, Semantic Web Primer, Grigoris Antoniou & Frank van Harmelen.


Query Languages, chapter 7, Foundations of Semantic Web Technologies,Pascal Hitzler, Markus Krotzsch, Sebastian Rudolph


SPARQL Tutorial


SPARQL by Example


SPARQL 1.0 documentation and handbook


SPARQL 1.1 documentation and handbook

Ontology Engineering

Ontology Development 101


Gomez Perez, A.(2003), Ontology Engineering Ch 3


Gruninger, M. & Fox, M. (1995), Methodology for the Design and Evaluation of Ontologies


Uschold, M & King, M. (1995)Towards a Methodology for Building Ontologies


Gomez-Perez, A. Towards a Metod to Conceptualise Domain Ontologies


Watson application