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Prof. Claude A. Farrugia
B.Pharm.(Hons.)(Melit.), Ph.D.(UIC), FIScT, FRSC, MAPS, MRSB, MTOPRA, SRPharmS

Publications and Presentations

Original Papers

Review Articles and Editorials

Conference Proceedings

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Invited Lectures

  • Farrugia, C.: A paradigm shift in clinical trials (European Clinical Trial Day, AFI & Regione Lombardia conference, Milan, 2017), in collaboration with Dr Giuseppe Recchia, SmithKline Foundation
  • Farrugia, C.: Introduzione al tema serializzazione e tracciabilità (57° Simposio AFI, Rimini, 2017)
  • Farrugia, C.: Verification of Medicinal Products in Europe: An EIPG Perspective (Implementation of the new Delegated Act on Falsified Medicines, VAPI-UPIP seminar, Limelette, 2016)
  • Farrugia, C.: Formulation of Protein Based Drugs (12th EPSA Autumn Assembly, Malta, 2015)
  • Farrugia, C.: A View on Drug Shortages From EIPG (The Challenge of Drug Shortages, VAPI-UPIP seminar, Brussels, 2015)
  • Farrugia, C.: The Subject(ion) of Pharma (EPSA-EIPG Webinar, 2014)
  • Farrugia, C.: Pharma 2014: Rework, Renaissance or Ragnarök? (Suomen Farmasialiitto, Helsinki, 2014)
  • Farrugia, C.: Biotech and Advanced Therapies: A Pharma Renaissance (Biotech and Advanced Therapies: Challenges and Opportunities, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Campus Jette, Vrije Universiteit van Brussel, Brussels, 2013)
  • Farrugia, C.: Formulation of Gelatin Nanoparticles (Erasmus Intensive Programme: Nanomaterials in Chemistry, University of Malta, Malta, 2013)
  • Farrugia, C.: Particle Size Analysis (Erasmus Intensive Programme: Nanomaterials in Chemistry, University of Malta, Malta, 2013)
  • Farrugia, C., and Martini, L.: The Pharmaceutical Industry and the Industrial Pharmacist: A Partnership for the 21st Century. (Regional Pharmacy Union of Sofia, Sofia, 2012)
  • Farrugia, C.A.: The implications of implementing the Directive on Falsified Medicines. (Faculdade de Farmácia, Universidade de Lisboa, Lisbon, 2012)
  • Farrugia, C.A.: Counterfeit Medicinal Products: The Importance of Good Distribution Practices. (33rd European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association Congress, Krakow, 2010)
  • Farrugia, C.A.: REACH and the Pharmaceutical Industry: A public-private partnership. (Reaching out to REACH, Malta Business Bureau Conference, Malta, 2005)
  • Farrugia, C.A.: REACH and the Qualified Person: A new professional for tomorrow's industry. (Innovation Networks Meeting, EMU-RIDTS, Malta, 2004)
  • Farrugia, C.A.: Sustained- and Controlled-Release Drug Delivery Systems. (Malta College of Pharmacy Practice Continuing Education Workshop, Malta, 1999)
  • Farrugia, C.A.: Pharmacy as a Multidisciplinary Profession. (22nd European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association Congress, Malta, 1999)
  • Farrugia, C.A.: The Formulation of Gelatin Nanoparticles and their Effect on Melanoma Growth In Vivo. (Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University of Malta, 1999)

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