Gram-negative septicaemia and peritonitis an unusual neonatal presentation of cystic fibrosis

AuthorsR Vella Muskat
H Andrejevic
M Bailey
V Calvagna
S Attard Montalto
V Grech
AbstractCystic fibrosis is a common caucasian autosomal recessive disorder with variable presentation. Most children are diagnosed prior to school age and the disease may also manifest in the neonatal period. Our patient, a two week old baby boy, presented with gram-negative septicaemia and peritonitis - a presentation that has not been previously reported, to our knowledge.

Published in:
JournalMalta Medical Journal
Volume15 Issue 1-2/suppl. 2003
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Key wordscase report, gram-negative septicaemia, peritonitis, cystic fibrosis

Compiled by: Dr. I. Stabile    Dr. J. Pace