PetriSim Tour (4/4)

The recompiled PETRISIM.EXE is started in usual way. To run the user experiment the simulation mode must be changed to mode 5. You should also check to simulation setup settings. For this model you can use the defaults. Generally to start leave timing on, confirmation off and start with short experiment duration. You can always save PetriSim options that includes the simulation setup settings.

A running experiment shows the experiment length and the current time. The following screen shows the experiment evaluation output for our model:

The step mode offers a detailed analysis of the model's behavior in time (note that no code was written to do so). Suppose in the next experiment the user has selected the step mode (Confirmation ON in simulation settings) where each action in the model is confirmed with three possibilities: show the net, continue, or terminate the experiment. The following screen shows a standard prompt:

The following screen is the net displayed by pressing the key S. Note the current time and the way how a transition in firing-on status is displayed together with the firing completion time.

The model explained in this tour was very simple, to make it possible to list all user activities involved in its creation. Now it is time to have a look at the demo models that are less trivial. Look at their units USER.PAS and start creating your own models.

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