JSSim - Example Simulation #2

This example is a simple simulation experiment. The simulated system is a queueing system defined as follows:

The system is kept simple intentionally. Many assumptions can be easily relaxed. The required outputs are: Look at the source code of this document to see how the simulation experiment has been programmed. The user's part of the JavaScript code is included in this document intentionally for you to read it easily. Otherwise it might be better to create a separate .js file with user code to keep the HTML document short.

Model Parameters:

(All times in minutes)
Exponential intervals between arrivals Mean: 
Normal service duration Mean:  Std: 
Exponential interval between failures Mean: 
Uniform repair time From:  To: 

Simulation Control:

Experiment Duration:       Show Status:      


Number of arrivals
Average waiting time
Maximum waiting time
Average time in system
Minimum time in system
Maximum time in system
Average queue length
Maximum queue length
Queue length std dev
Number of failures