The Computer Science Annual Workshop

5th and 6th November 2015
Dolmen Resort Hotel, Qawra, Malta

CSAW is an informal work-in-progress workshop that is organised annually by the University of Malta's Department of Computer Science. It serves as a forum for staff and students at the University of Malta and the Maltese computing industry to share and discuss ongoing computer science research in a relaxed environment. Through CSAW the Department of Computer Science aims to foster relationships between academia and industry and also among academics, and provide an opportunity to exchange feedback on early-stage research and explore new avenues and opportunities. Topics of interest include, but are not restricted to:

CSAW does not produce formal proceedings, since the workshop is intended as a forum for discussing ongoing research.


Thursday 5th November 2015
08:30 Coffee
09:00 Adrian Francalanza and Dario Della Monica Towards A Hybrid Approach to Software Verification
09:30 Aaron Calafato, Chris Colombo and Gordon Pace A Domain Specific Property Language For Fraud Detection To Support Agile Specification Development
10:00 Mark Vella A Memory-wise Response to Cyber Attacks
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Keith Bugeja, Kevin Napoli and Kevin Vella Exploring Dynamic Scheduling of Heterogeneous Compute Resources in the ALICE Online-Offline Computing Infrastructure
11:30 Joshua Ellul Bridging the IoT Resource-Constrained Gap
12:00 Gabriel Dimech (Ricston) Applying Academic Techniques to Software Integration
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Shaun Azzopardi, Christian Colombo, Gordon Pace and Brian Vella Compliance Checking in the Open Payments Ecosystem
14:30 Christian Colombo and Gordon Pace A Model-Based Approach to Combining Static and Dynamic Verification Techniques
15:00 Mario Bravetti, Adrian Francalanza, Hans Huttel and Antonio Ravara Behavioural Type Inference for Object-Oriented Code
15:30 Coffee
16:00 Keith Bugeja, Kurt Debattista and Sandro Spina Accelerating Rendering: A Study of Frame Rate Versus Resolution
16:30 Adrian De Barro, Keith Bugeja and Sandro Spina Context-aware Peer-to-peer High-fidelity Rendering
Friday 6th November 2015
08:30 Coffee
09:00 Abigail Cauchi, Christian Colombo, Mark Micallef and Gordon Pace Using Gherkin for Interaction Design Testing and Monitoring
09:30 Mark Micallef and Chris Porter Informing and Guiding the Testing Process Using HCI Techniques
10:00 Luke Chircop, Christian Colombo and Gordon Pace Device-Centric Monitoring for Mobile Device Management
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Luke Chircop, Christian Colombo, Adrian Francalanza, Mark Micallef and Gordon Pace An Overview of Techniques Aimed at Automatically Generating Oracles From Tests
11:30 Abigail Cauchi and Gordon Pace Testing to Classify
12:00 Andrew Gauci (Ixaris) Testing Behaviour Specifications Through Composable Steps
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Brian Vella and Aldrin Seychell (Ixaris) Providing Fault Tolerance in Microservices
14:30 Adrian Francalanza, Marco Giunti and Antonio Ravara Unlocking Blocked Mobile Processes
15:00 Keith Bugeja and Sandro Spina Physically-Based Rendering: Lessons Learned and the Way Forward
15:30 Coffee
16:00 Keith Bugeja and Sandro Spina A Framework for Point Cloud Generation, Processing and Visualisation
16:30 Shaun Azzopardi, Albert Gatt and Gordon Pace Formally Analysing Natural Language Contracts


Kindly address any queries to csaw@um.edu.mt.