About the Workshop


The European Association for Machine Translation (EAMT) will be holding its Ninth Workshop in Malta on 26-27 April 2004. The meeting is one of the series of annual workshops held by EAMT and acting as a forum for the exchange of ideas concerning all aspects of machine translation within the European and adjacent regions. (For information about previous workshops see the EAMT website: www.eamt.org.) The special themes for this workshop are machine-translation-related issues concerning Semitic languages, and the languages of the newly accessioned states of the European Union.


The venue for the workshop will be the Foundation for International Studies in Valletta. See venue page for information about the venue. For information about Valletta and the rest of the island see http://www.aboutmalta.com or http://www.visitmalta.com.


Papers to be presented. Click here for a list of the papers accepted.


Registration. Registration will begin on 20 February. Please use the registration form attached. It can be submitted electronically or printed and sent by mail. N.B. A different form is used for accommodation.


Registration before 28 March

EAMT and IAMT members: 55

Non-members: 65

Students: 30

Registration on or after 29 March

EAMT and IAMT members: 65

Non-members: 80

Students: 70

Coffee breaks

Morning and afternoon coffee/tea breaks are included in the registration fee.


Potential costs not included in the registration fee (indicative only):



Participants may book their accommodation directly through the Foundation for International Studies (see accommodation page). Arrangements have been made with some hotels with special prices ranging from 40 to 100 per person per night (in single rooms). These prices are guaranteed only until 8th March 2004. Please book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Other hotels can be located via the websites given above.


There is an international airport about 8 km from Valetta and Sliema.

Taxis from airport to Valletta about Lm (Maltese Lira) 7.50 (ca. 17.50)

Buses: Fares are low: Lm. 0.15 per journey (ca. 0.35). From the airport to Valletta buses run every 30 min. -- journey time approx. 45 minutes. Buses run regularly and frequently (every 20 mins) from Sliema to Valletta -- journey time approx. 15 minutes. For details of services see travel page.

Lunches and dinners

Not included in the registration fee.

There are many restaurants in the vicinity of the venue. Prices range from Lm. 0.75 cents to Lm. 5.00 for lunch (ca. 2.00 to 12.00) and from Lm. 5 to Lm. 12 for dinner (ca. 12.00 to 28.00)

Workshop banquet:

It is proposed to arrange a banquet for participants in a restaurant near the venue on Monday evening (26 April). However, numbers will be restricted and there will have to be a minimum number taking up the invitation. Please indicate on the registration form if you would be interested in coming to the banquet. Payment should be made in Maltese pounds at the time of the workshop (no prices are yet known, but a rough estimate is ca. 50 (including wine).


Local organizer:

Mike Rosner (mike.rosner@um.edu.mt) from whom further details can be obtained.