Ninth EAMT Workshop, 26-27 April 2004

Monday 26 April
9.00-10.15	registration	
10.15-10.45 	Opening session
		John Hutchins, Michael Rosner
		Joris Goetschalckx (EC Translation Field Office)
10.45-11.15	Break
11.15-13.00	Session 1, chair: Bente Maegaard

Alon Lavie, Katharina Probst, Erik Peterson, Stephan Vogel, Lori Levin, Ariadna Font-Llitjos and Jaime Carbonell: 
A trainable transfer-based MT approach for languages with limited resources
Nano Gough and Andy Way:
Example-based controlled translation

Gábor Hodász, Tamás Gröbler, and Balász Kis:
Translation memory as a robust example-based translation system

13.00-14.30	lunch

14.30-16.15	Session 2, chair: Violetta Cavalli-Sforza

J. Laoudi, C.Tate and Clare R.Voss: 
Towards an automated evaluation of an embedded MT system

Gabor Proszeky, Laszlo Tihanyi, & Gabor Ugray: Moose: 
a robust high-performance parser and generator

Chris Callison-Burch, Colin Bannard and Josh Schroeder: 
Improving statistical translation through editing

16.15-16.45	break

16.45-18.00	Session 3, chair: Michael Rosner

Haytham Alsharaf, Sylviane Cardey and Peter Greenfield: 
French to Arabic machine translation: the specificity of language couples

Bogdan Babych and Anthony Hartley: 
Disambiguating translation strategies in MT using automatic named entity recognition

18.15-18.45	EAMT general assembly

19.30-		banquet

27 April

9.30-10.45	Session 4, chair: Jaro Lajovic

Sisay Fissaha Adafre: 
Formal analysis of some aspects of Amharic noun phrases

Krzysztof Jassem:
Applying OED-PWN English-Polish dictionary to machine translation

10.45-11.15	break

11.15-13.00	Session 5, chair: Tony Clarke

Heather Fulford and Joaquin Granell Zafra:
The freelance translator's workstation: an empirical investigation 

Federico Gaspari:
Integrating on-line MT services intomonolingual web-sites for dissemination purposes: an evaluation perspective

Adriane Rinsche: LTC Communicator - a web-based e-communication tool

13.00-14.30	lunch

14.30-16.15	Session 6, chair: Harold Somers	

Petr Homola and Vladislav Kubon:
A translation model for languages of accessing countries 

Gabor Alberti and Judit Kleiber:
The GeLexi MT project

Michael Rosner & Joe Caruana:
informal presentation  on Maltese language processing

16.15-16.45	break

16.45-18.00	Session 7, chair: John Hutchins

Violetta Cavalli-Sforza, Ralf D.Brown, Jaime G.Carbonell, Peter J. Jansen, and Jae Dong Kim:
Challenges in using an example-based MT system for a transnational digital government project

Bente Maegaard:
NEMLAR -- a project on Arabic language resources

18.00-18.30	Closing remarks/discussion