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Workshop on
Computational Approaches to Semitic Languages


Sunday August 16, 1998, University of Montreal


08.55--09.00 Welcome -- Michael Rosner
Session 1: Syntax/Morphology
09.00--09.30 Shuly Wintner, University of Tubingen, GermanyTowards a Linguistically Motivated Computational Grammar for Hebrew
09.30--10.00 Martine Smets, University of Sussex, UK Paradigmatic Treatment of Arabic Morphology
10.00 --10.30 Riyad Alshalabi & Martha Evens, Illinois Inst. of Technology, USA A Computational Morphology System for Arabic
10.30--10.50 Coffee Break
10.50--11.20 F Barthelemy,Galatasaray University, Turkey A Morphological Analyser for Akkadian Verbal Forms with a Model of Phonetic Transformations
11.20--11.50 Ken Beesley, Xerox Research Centre Europe, France Finite State Methods in Arabic Morphology
Session 2: Short Papers
11.50--12.05 Michael Rosner, Joe Caruana & Ray Fabri, University of Malta Maltilex: A Computational Lexicon for Maltese
12.05--12.20 Paul Micallef, University of Malta Rule-Based Lexical Analysis of Maltese
12.20--12.30 Assessment
12.30--13.30 Lunch Break
Session 3: Tagging
13.30--14.00 Saleem Abuleil & Martha Evens, CSAM, Illinois Inst. of Technology, USA Discovering Lexical Information by Tagging Arabic Newspaper Text
14.00--14.30John Maloney & Michael Niv SRA International Corp TAGARAB: A Fast, Accurate Arabic Name Recogniser Using High Precision Morphological Analysis
14.30--15.00 Fathi Debili & Emna Souissi, CNRS-CELLMA/IRMC, Tunisie Etiquetage Grammatical de l'Arabe Voyelle ou Non
15.00--15.30 Coffee Break
Session 4: Orthography
15.30--16.00 Michel Fanton, CERTAL/INALCO, France Finite State Automata and Arabic Writing
16.00--16.30 Bonnie Stalls and Kevin Knight, University of Southern California, USATranslating Names and Technical Terms in Arabic Text
16.30--17.00 Fathi Debili & Hadhemi Achour, CNRS-CELLMA/IRMC, Tunisie Voyellation Automatique de l'Arabe
17.00--17.15 Break
Session 5: Closing Session
17.15--18.00 Panel Discussion

Workshop Programme Committee

Michael Rosner, University of Malta, Malta (coordinator)

Ken Beesley, Xerox Research Centre Europe, France
Khalid Choukri, ELRA /ELDA, France
Yaacov Choueka, Bar Ilan University, Israel
Fathi Debili, CNRS-CELLMA (Paris) / IRMC, Tunis
Mamoun Hattab, Arabic Textware, Amman, Jordan
George Kiraz, Bell Labs, USA
Chadia Moghrabi, Univerity of Moncton, Canada
Mori Rimon, Hebrew University, Israel


Mid-Med Bank, Malta


Michael Rosner: mros@cs.um.edu.mt
Mike Rosner (mros@cs.um.edu.mt)
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