ASSIGNMENT - CSA5006: Logic, Representation and Inference

Last Update 27/04/2010

1. Administrative Issues

This assignment is worth 25% of the the marks for the study unit. This means that you should be prepared to allocate two days to carry it out.

Deliverables: (i) One folder containing all .pl files, (ii) One powerpoint slide for 4.2 (iii) One document containing any comments, justifications etc. Please submit by email to me and to Francelle.

Submission Deadline is Friday 28th May

2. Using Prolog

3. Before Starting

4. Questions Part I - Augmenting the Grammar

  1. Show how to formulate a query which yields the semantic representation for the sentence "vincent loves mia".
  2. By hand, draw the parse tree for this sentence and show the semantic forms associated with each node of the tree. Please submit as a powerpoint slide.
  3. Augment the grammar to handle sentences involving adjectives within the copula construction e.g. "Vincent is tall".
  4. Augment the grammar to handle ditransitive verbs e.g. "Mia offers Vincent a drink" or "Mia offers a drink to Vincent".
  5. Suggest a semantic representation for "Mia and Vincent rob a customer".
  6. Incorporate a rule for "and" that handles coordinated noun phrases such as "Mia and Vincent".
  7. Modify the grammar so that when these sentences are read, the appropriate assertions are made in the database. This is achieved by calling the built-in predicate assert/1 so that
    ?- assert(man(mike)).
    causes the clause man(mike) to be added to the database.

5. Part II: Handling Simple Queries

  1. Modify grammar/lexicon to handle questions corresponding to the above kinds of assertion, e.g
  2. Does Mia walk?
  3. Does Mia like Vincent?
  4. Is Mia nice?
  5. Fix intepreter ( to handle simple yes/no questions concerning all the above sentence types.

6. Part III: Further Queries

  1. Devise a semantic representation to handle simple wh-questions e.g. "Who does Mia like"
  2. Fix interpreter to handle dialogues of the following type: