CSA5006 – Logic, Representation and Inference


Lecturer(s):                              Mr. Michael Rosner

ECTS Credits:                          4                     

Lectures:                                  28 Hrs

Level:                                       5.2

This course introduces techniques for tackling the following issues:

        What is semantic representation?

        What is the relationship between semantic representation and logic?

        What mechanisms are required to associate semantic representations with expressions of natural language?

        How can we use logical representations of natural language expressions to automate the process of drawing inferences?

We will approach them by developing program modules that handle the key concepts of representation and inference including.

        First Order Logic

        Lambda Calculus

        Underspecified Representations

        Propositional Inference

        First Order Inference


Method of Assessment:                         Examination (75%)      Assignment (25%)





       Patrick Blackburn and Johan Bos, Representation and Inference for Natural Language, Stanford: CSLI Publications, 2005