Maltilex: A Computational Lexicon of Maltese

Project Aims and Objectives

The primary aim of this project is the creation of a large-scale, computationally tractable lexicon of the Maltese language. The main reason for wanting to do this is that to create conditions under which NLP applications can be developed, and we view the lexicon as fundamental in this respect. Another important reason for a creating a computational lexicon of Maltese is to provide a workable, concrete standard that will offer a level of completeness and consistency hitherto unattained. We are approaching the problem from two angles:
  1. The dictionary approach. This capitalises on the work that has gone into existing paper dictionaries by employing headwords to construct an initial wordlist.
  2. The corpus approach. This involves (a) the collection, indexing, and representation of a representative text archive, and (b) using the archive to extend the initial wordlist.

Project Team


8th April10h00Unix LabPractical UnixMike Rosner
15th April 10h00??Broken Plural in MalteseRay Fabri



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