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BIT5303 - Ethics in IT

Schedule: Semester 2, 2009-10. Mondays at 18:00 in Room CS Lab C 
Lecturer: Dr. Christopher Staff, Dept. Intelligent Computer Systems.

Method of
Examination 60%, Assessment 40%


Lecture 1: Introduction

Lecture 2: Debate

Lecture 3: Ethical Theories

Lecture 4: Professional Ethics
Lecture 5: Information and Privacy
Lecture 6: Property Rights
Lecture 7: Intellectual Property Rights
Lecture 8: Computers at Work and in Public Places
Lecture 9: MyLifeBits
Lecture 10: Ethics and the Semantic Web
Lecture 11: 
Lecture 12: 
Lecture 13: 

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Date last amended: Monday 8th February 2010