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CSA3080 - Adaptive Hypertext Systems I


Lecture 1: Introduction to Adaptive Hypertext Systems

Lecture 2: Features of Adaptive Hypertext Systems

Lecture 3: Problems that AHSs try to Solve

Lecture 4: Aims, Objectives, and Assumptions of Information Retrieval, Hypertext, and User Modelling

Lecture 5: Information Retrieval 1

Lecture 6: Information Retrieval 2 (updated 13/11/04: added discussion on Blair & Maron's evaluation of STAIRS)

Lecture 7: Formal Models of Hypertext

Lecture 8: Hypertext Issues and the WWW

Lecture 9: Representing Data, Information, and Knowledge 1

Lecture 10: Representing Data, Information, and Knowledge 2

Lecture 11: User Modelling

Lecture 12: Adaptation Techniques 1

Lecture 13: Adaptation Techniques 2: Case Studies

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