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CSA4080 - Adaptive Hypertext Systems II

References (will be available shortly)

NB: 4th year students in 2005-06 *may* be following the CSA3200 lecture notes. You will know which to follow based on how many lectures a week are scheduled. If you have 2 lectures a week (or a double lecture), then we'll be using these notes. Otherwise, please use the CSA3200 notes.

Topic 1: Introduction

Topic 2: User-Adaptive Systems

Topic 3: Hypertext (modified reference pg 38, 11th October 2004)

Topic 4: User Modelling

Topic 5: Recommendation Techniques

Topic 6: Information and Knowledge Representation (modified 14/12/04: pg 38)

Topic 7: Adaptation Techniques

Topic 8: Evaluation

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Date last amended: Friday, 17th September, 2004