Computational Approaches to Semitic Languages 

11th July 2002
University of Pennsylvania

Workshop Programme

Session 1: Opening Session
09.00 Mike Rosner
Shuly Wintner
Welcome and Opening
09.30 Keynote Speaker
Sergei Nirenburg
Tools for Descriptive Computational Linguistics And Their Application to Some Issues in Processing Semitic Languages
10.30 Coffee Break
Session 2: Morphology
11.00 Aaron Macks Parsing Akkadian Verbs with Prolog
11.30 Raphael Finkel and
Gregory Stump
Generating Hebrew Verb Morphology by Default Inheritance Hierarchies
12.00 Saleem Abuleil, Khalid Alsamara and Martha Evens Acquisition System for Arabic Noun Morphology
12.30 Lunch Break
Session 3: Data Driven Approaches
14.00 Ya'akov Gal An HMM approach to vowel restoration in Arabic and Hebrew
14.30 Yaser Al-Onaizan, Kevin Knight Machine Transliteration of Names in Arabic Texts
15.00 Kareem Darwish Building a Shallow Arabic Morphological Analyser in One Day
15.30 Coffee Break
Session 4: Beyond the Word Level
16.00 Bassam Hammo, Hani Abu-Salem, Steve Lytinen, Martha Evens QARAB: A Question Answering System to Support the Arabic Language
16.30 Uzzi Ornan A Morphological, Syntactic, and Semantic Search Engine for Hebrew Texts
17.00 Dror Kamir, Naama Soreq, Yoni Neeman A Comprehensive NLP System for Modern Standard Arabic and Modern Hebrew


18.00 Shuly Wintner
Mike Rosner
Concluding Session
18.30 End of Workshop

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