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Volume 1 - Issue 1
Volume 1 (1996)
Issue 1 (July 1996) - Issue 2 (Dec. 1996)

Editor: Angela Xuereb

Associate Editors: Martin Ebejer, Richard Muscat, Christian A. Scerri & Emmanuel Sinagra

Volume 1 - Issue 2

Volume 1, Issue 1(July 1996)
Angela Xuereb (Editor)
Xjenza - The first issue
Editorial  [ Article
p. 3
Alex E. Felice and Richard Muscat
The Malta Chamber of Scientists - The Second Anniversary 
Report  [ Article
p. 4
Pius J. Darmanin and Edward A. Mallia
Wind Energy in Malta
Communication  [ Article
p. 6
A Mallia and Patrick J Schembri
A case for Biological Zeros
Communication  [ Article
p. 8
Mario Grixti
The Current Status of Predictive Genetic Testing for Cancer in Humans: Scientific, Clinical and Ethical Issues surrounding the p53 gene
Review Article  [ Article
p. 10
Irene Sciriha
Graphs and their Spectra - Irene Sciriha
Commentary  [ Article
p. 21
Joseph A. Borg and Patrick J. Schembri
Preliminary Data On The Occurrence And Distribution Of Shallow Water Marine Sponges (Porifera) Around Maltese Coasts
Research Article  [ Article
p. 24
Everlado Attard, Anthony Scicluna-Spiteri, Mario Grixti and Alfred Cuschieri
The Cytotoxic Activity of Cucurbitacin E and Busulphan on Ovarian and Stomach Cancer Cells In Vitro: A Comparative Study
Research Article  [ Article
p. 29
Maurice N. Cauchi
Motor Vehicle Accidents: Analysis of Casualty Department Data, St. Luke's Hospital, Malta
Research Article  [ Article
p. 35
Current Research Profile - Dr. Robert Martin Borg Ph.D.  [ Article p. 39


Volume 1, Issue 2 (December 1996)
Angela Xuereb (Editor)
Science Education in Malta - Into the 21st Century
Editorial [ Article
p. 3
Alex E. Felice
Development, Science Literacy and Education
Proceedings [ Article
p. 5
Charles Mizzi
The Problems of Science Education in Malta - A Brief Overview
Proceedings [ Article
p. 11
Jan Harding
Raising Questions: the Why? Who? What? & How? of Science. Why Should Science be part of the School Curriculum?
Proceedings [ Article
p. 13
Frank Ventura
Science Education in Malta: Raising Questions
Proceedings [ Article
p. 15
Jan Harding
Getting Science Out of its Masculine Strait Jacket
Proceedings [ Article
p. 20
Deborah Chetcuti
Adolescent Girls' Views On Science: A Maltese Study
Proceedings [ Article
p. 23
Susan Gatt
Why Physics Seems to Be Beyond Some Students' Grasp
Proceedings [ Article
p. 26
Susan Tresman
Learning Journeys in Science for Primary Teachers: A Case Study from the Centre For Science Education: Open University, United Kingdom, 'Primary Teachers Learning Science'
Proceedings [ Article
p. 30
Susan Tresman
Empowering Primary Teachers to Work With Confidence and Expertise in Science: Workshop Presented to the Malta Forum for Science teachers; September 1996
Proceedings [ Article ]
p. 33
Elizabeth Whitelegg
Motivating Physics for post-16 Students
Proceedings [ Article ]
p. 39
Paul Pace
Science Education in Malta: Quo Vadis?
Proceedings [ Article ]
p. 42
Alfred J Vella
Science Education in a Restructured Sixth Form
Proceedings [ Article ]
p. 44
Proifiles: Jan Harding, Susan Tresman, Elizabeth Whitelegg [Article] p. 46
Maurice N. Cauchi
Erratum: Motor Vehicle Accidents: Analysis of Casualty Department Data, St. Luke's Hospital, Malta (Xjenza, Vol 1(1), p. )
Erratum  [ Article ]
p. 47


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