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The MALTA CHAMBER OF SCIENTISTS is an autonomous learned society, and a professional organisation of scientists incorporating all disciplines from the academic, the public and the private sectors of Malta.

The Chamber has the long term interests of science and scientists.  It is firmly convinced that the development of a strong and competitive science and technology sector is essential for future national development.  Although not a trade union, the Chamber has expectations to EXPRESS ITS PROFESSIONAL VIEWS, and be consulted on issues connected with science and technology and the professional status of its members.  It is the SOLE REPRESENTATIVE NATIONAL ORGANISATION OF SCIENTISTS whose members have training and experience in these fields.  It works for a political commitment for the development of  science and technology and for the establishment of SUBSTANTIAL, STABLE AND SUSTAINABLE FUNDING mechanisms for RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT.  In order to SUSTAIN STANDARDS, the chamber is working to implement a programme for the CERTIFICATION AND RECERTIFICATION OF MEMBERS, through continuing education and for the ACCREDITATION OF LABORATORIES COMPLIANT WITH STANDARDS OF GOOD LABORATORY PRACTICE.

The chamber has a REGISTER OF MEMBERS.  BUSINESS AND SCIENTIFIC MEETINGS are held on a regular basis and the Chamber publishes its journal XJENZA – JOURNAL OF THE MALTA CHAMBER OF SCIENTISTS.

In the PUBLIC SECTOR, the Chamber has grievous concerns about the minuscule number of trained and experienced doctoral scientists, the undefined roles and poor career paths of those with lesser qualifications and the absence of a CAREER STRUCTURE for professional scientists comparable at least to those for other traditional professions in public employment.

With regard to the PRIVATE SECTOR, the Chamber holds strong views that SCIENCE IS PART OF THE ECONOMY.  This sector is in urgent need of radical restructuring to reinforce the position of SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY INTENSIVE INDUSTRY which depends for it success on a CONTINUOUS INPUT FROM SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH.  Furthermore SCIENTISTS MAKE THE BEST (SAPIENTAL) MANAGERS.

In EDUCATION, we note with regret that the number of secondary school students opting for science tracks is exceedingly small and support any initiative to reverse this trend.  The Chamber has and will continue to support the MCST – SCIENCE WEEK and has proposed initiatives to attract pupils to science.  In this sector, the goals should be SCIENCE LITERACY FOR ALL SCHOOL LEAVERS with a longer time being given to a lower level curriculum in which boundaries between traditional subject matter are considerably softened or even removed.  In HIGHER EDUCATION, there is a scope to reevaluate undergraduate programmes in terms of DECREASED CURRICULUM LOAD with LOOSE LINKAGE TO APPLICATIONS and the potential of bachelor’s degree graduates to occupy positions of social and economic value or to pursue graduate studies or post-graduate training at Master’s and Doctoral levels.  SPECIALISATION is to to be transferred to GRADUATE EDUCATION i.e. MATERS AND DOCTORAL PROGRAMMES AND POST-GRADUATE TRAINING.  Graduate level education and training should be joined with COMPETITIVE FUNDING FOR R&D PROGRAMMES in the University or RESEARCH INSITUTE.

We hold that the STATE has to assume a larger role in promoting R&D SUPPORT THE GROWTH OF AN ADVANCE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY ECONOMIC SECTOR.  Due attention has to be given to joint research between the university and private sector industrial groups through the proposed NATIONAL FOUNDATION FOR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH,  while in the public sector, strong support is given to the proposal made some time ago that all ministries should devote 0.1% of the budget to ad hoc  MINISTERIAL RESEACH AND DEVELOPMENT DIRECTORATES within their mission goals or business plans.


Foundation President
July, 1999


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