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Volume 3 - Issue 1
Volume 3 (1998)
Issue 1 (June 1998) - Issue 2 (Dec. 1998)

Editor: Angela Xuereb

Associate Editors: Martin Ebejer, Richard Muscat, & Christian A. Scerri

Volume 3 - Issue 2

Volume 3, Issue 1 (June 1998)
Angela Xuereb (Editor)
Xjenza - Two years on
Editorial  [ Article ]
p. 4
Charles Savona-Ventura and Anton Mifsud
Ghar Dalam Cave: A Review of the Sediments on the Cave Floor Stratigraphy
Review Article  [ Article ]
p. 5
Susan Tresrnan
The Potential of the "Physics for Science Teachers Project" from the Open University, UK, to Contribute to Solving the Problem of the Shortage of Teachers of Physics in Maltese
Secondary Schools
Research Article  [ Article ]
p. 13
Joseph A. Borg, Hassan M. Howege, Edwin Lanfranco, Shirley A. Micallef, Constantine Mifsud and Patrick J. Schernbri
The Macrobenthic Species of the lnfralittoral to Circalittoral Transition Zone off the Northeastern Coast of Malta
Research Article  [ Article ]
p. 16
Michael Sammut, Charles Savona-Ventura Mario Taliana and Wilfred Cachia
Lead Shot Pellets as Soil Pollutants in the Maltese Islands
Research Article  [ Article ]
p. 25
Frank E. Karasz
A New Plastic Light Source: Electroluminescence
Article  [ Article ]
p. 29
Richard Muscat and Edgar White
Young Scientist of the Year
Report  [ Article ]
p. 32
Richard Muscat
International Council on Alcohol and Addictions
Report  [ Article ]
p. 34
Abstracts   [ Article ] p. 35


Volume 3, Issue 2 (December 1998)
Martin J. Ebejer (Associate Editor)
Air Pollution: Whose Business is it?
Editorial  [ Article ]
p. 5
Raymond Ellul and Michael Nolle
Atmospheric Pollution: Background,Present and Future Work
Communication  [ Article ]
p. 6
Rene Ellul and Patrick J. Schembri
The Application of Multivariate Analytical Techniques to the Study of Marine Benthic Assemblages: A Review with Special Reference to the Maltese Islands
Review Article  [ Article ]
p. 9
Alfred J. Vella and Ondine Gaerty
Benzene and Toluene in Urban Air in Malta
Research Article  [ Article ]
p. 29
Susan Tresman
Personal Development Profiles and Models of Learning in Teachers' Continuing Professional Development in Prirnary Science, A Case Study from the Centre for Science Education, Open University, UK.
Research Article  [ Article ]
p. 33
Abstracts Biology Symposium  [ Article ] p. 40
Lisa Pullicino
London International Youth Science Forum 1998
Report  [ Article ]
p. 52


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