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Volume 4 - Issue 1
Volume 4 (1999)
Issue 1 (June 1999) - Issue 2 (Dec. 1999)

Editor: Angela Xuereb

Associate Editors: Martin Ebejer & Richard Muscat

Volume 4 - Issue 2

Volume 4, Issue 1 (June 1999)
Anton Pizzuto
Waste Management - What a Load of Rubbish!
Invited Editorial  [ Article ]
p. 2
Mario Valentino and Rudolf Graf
Emerging Insights into the Genesis of Cerebral Ischaemia and Stroke
Review Article  [ Article ]
p. 4
Edwin Lanfranco 
Field Identification of Calcified Red Algae 
Research Article  [ Article ]
p. 14
Edward Mallia
Electric Vehicles: Potential for Pollution Reduction
Research Article  [ Article ]
p. 19
Nadia Farrugia, Gly Goodall. John Schranz and Gertrude Rapinett
Staged Present: Attending to the Mystical on the Stage of Working Memory
Research Article  [ Article ]
p. 22
Susan Tresman and Linda Hodgkinson
Teaching Primary Science and Technology Shower Gel Manufacture
Research Article  [ Article ]
p. 32
Charles Savona Ventura, Anton Mifsud, Ian Mifsud and Michael Sammut
Dating Archeological Bone Specimens Using Natural Gamma Emitter Radionuclides
Research Communication  [ Article ]
p. 35
Ian Mifsud and Michael Sammut
A Survey on Radon Levels in Local Dwellings
Research Communication  [ Article ]
p. 40
Alfred Cuschieri
The Genetics of Mortality and Immortality
Article  [ Article ]
p. 42
Rene' M. Micallef and Patrick J. Schernbri
Errata: The AppIication of Multivariate Analytical Techniques to the Study of Marine Benthic Assemblages: A Review with Special Reference to the Maltese Islands
Errata  [ Article ]
p. 46


Volume 4, Issue 2 (December 1999)
Joseph Micallef (FP5 Coordiantor)
The European Union's Fifth Framework for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration (FPS) (1998 - 2002) 
Invited Editorial  [ Article ]
p. 2
Mark J. Micallef
The Development of Effective Turnour Vaccines
Review Article  [ Article ]
p. 4
Charles Savona-Ventura and Anron Mifsud 
A Review of the Pleistocene Deposits in the Southwesterrr Coast of Malta
Review Article  [ Article ]
p. 10
Albert Gatt and John Schranz
Neuroscience, the Bodymind and the Actor 
Review Article  [ Article ]
p. 18
Charles Savona-Ventura md Michael S,unrnut
History of the Practice of Chemistry - a Maltese perspective
Review Article  [ Article ]
p. 24
Abstracts Biology Symposium [ Article ] p. 30


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