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Volumes 6 / 7
Volumes 6 & 7 (2001-2)

Editor: Angela Xuereb

Associate Editor: Richard Muscat

Volumes 6 & 7
Angela Xuereb (Editor)
Ecologically Friendly Transport
Editorial  [ Article ]
p. 2
Anna Girard, Gertrude Rapinett and Richard Muscat
The National Adult Reading Test (NART): A preliminary validation study on a Maltese tertiary education population
Research Article  [ Article ]
p. 3
Anna Girard and Richard Muscat
Differences in Attention Between Methadone Patients and Abstinent Problem Heroin Drug Users Frequenting a Drug Rehabilitation Programme 
Research Article  [ Article ]
p. 16
Charles Camilleri
Bouncing Liquids and Flowing Solids
Research Article  [ Article ]
p. 20
Edward Mallia and David Schembri
An Electric Vehicle as a Commuter Car
Research Article [ Article ]
p. 27
Arthur Felice
Trains of Clinical Thought - with special reference to Practical Reasoning
Article  [ Article ]
p. 29
Abstracts Biology Symposium  [ Article ] p. 36


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