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What is JSSim & History

JSSim (JavaScript Simulation) is a collection of routines and declarations that represent an event-oriented discrete simulation tool written in JavaScript. All facilities typical for discrete simulation tools are available:

Programmed inheritance together with few additional rules enable use of all important techniques of object-oriented programming though JavaScript is not a classical class-oriented compiled object-oriented language. In fact the OOP techniques can be combined with constructs enabled by loose typing of interpreted JavaScript.

JSSim has the following history. I strongly believe that publishing simulation models on the web is one of the important ways how simulation can benefit from Internet. Models included in web pages are available literally to everyone who is connected to Internet. To try the response, some on-line simulation models of queueing systems were written. The reaction was more than encouraging. JSSim is basically the collection of routines, including a simple event-oriented simulation engine, used to build these models. It is a result of solving practical problems involved in writing discrete simulation models. So far it is in its very initial stage of development, so I shall appreciate very much all comments.

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Why JSSim ?

JSSim might be interesting for those who want to build simple and medium-scale discrete simulation models integrated in HTML documents. HTML is supposed to be used for user-friendly validated inputs and lucid presentation of results on the screen. A user of JSSim is in a position similar to a  programmer in a discrete simulation language (SIMSCRIPT). (S)he has to write event routines together with model initialization and evaluation of the experiment. Most simulation-related tasks are programmed by activating JSSim routines and methods of objects.

Models created in this way can be used by everybody without installing any other software. JSSim does not try to compete with other tools in case of larger simulation studies. Nevertheless speed of common browsers enables building of medium-scale models that are not much slower than those created in professional simulation environments.

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Download & Installation

JSSim is free. Please e-mail me first something about yourself and about your intended use of JSSim. Then I shall send you the downloading details.

There is no installation, you just reference the jssim.js file in the heading of your web page and upload it together with the HTML file(s).

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The only requirement is a browser supporting JavaScript 1.4.

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JSSim Manual

Browse the On-line JSSim manual now. In the manual there are two example models including the full source code. You can also run these models directly.

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The Author

In case of any problems do not hesitate to contact me:

Jaroslav Sklenar
Associate Professor
Department of Statistics and Operations Research
University of Malta
Msida MSD 06
e-mail: jaroslav.sklenar@um.edu.mt

Web: http://staff.um.edu.mt/jskl1/

Phone: (+356) 2340 3070     Fax: (+356) 2131 2110

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