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Postal Address:
  University of Malta,
  Department of Computer Science and A.I.
  Msida MSD06,
  Malta, Europe
Phone: +356 2340 2519
Room: 409a

Notice Board (reset every semester):

  • 22/11/2007 - CSA1017 - Uploaded Internet Technologies Assignment.
  • 25/10/2007 - CSA1017 - Uploaded some Data Structures and Algorithms notes.

Academic Stuff:


- Assignment Instructions (Scary Stuff).
- Assignment Declaration Form. To be completed and attached as the second page of each submitted assigment.
- Plagiarism Notice And Policy.
- Documentation Structure (Guideline) for Assignments, APTs and FYPs.
- Help for Viewing Files on this Site.
- Students using MySQL for one of my assignments can download a nice front end from here.

Mathematics of Discrete Structures - CSA1060 (Parts Only)

- Course Notes

Introduction to Logic - CSA1070 (Obsolete - Reference Only)

- Course Notes, Assignments and Past Papers

Data Structures and Algorithms - CSA1017

- Course Notes, Assignments and Past Papers

Compiling Techniques - CSA2010

- Course Notes, Assignments, Sample Code and Past Papers

Fundamentals of Network Programming (Windows Programming) - CSA2150

- Course Notes and Sample Code

Internet Technologies and Java-Server-Side Programming - CSA3190

(Portions formerly known as "An Introduction to Internet Technologies")

- Course Notes, Assignments, Past Papers and Sample Code

MIT Notes

- Introduction to Genetic Algorithms (PDF)
- Introduction to Neural Networks (PDF)
- Introduction to Expert Systems (PDF)
- Introduction to Fuzzy Logic (PDF)
- Introduction to Ant Colony Optimisation (PDF)
- Introduction to Simulated Annealing (PDF)
- Assignment 2007 (PDF)

Last Updated on 22nd November 2007