[27/04/2010 ]

Session   Topic See Also
I Introduction to Computational Semantics
  • Blackburn, P. and J. Bos, Computational Semantics?, Theoria 18.1 pp27-45 2003. [PDF]
  • Introduction to Semantics [PPT]
II   Logic and Meaning
  • B&B Chapter 1
III   Fundamental Inference Tasks
  • Mike Slides [PDF]
  • Patrick Slides [PDF]
IV Computing Semantic Representations
V Definite Clause Grammars
  • [PDF]
  • Simplest DCG [zip]
  • Blackburn's Prolog Archive [tar]
  • DCG Examples [html]
VI   Simple QA Systems
VII   Semantic Grammar
VII Natural Language Metaphysics
  • Slides [PDF]
  • hackmack article [pdf]

  • Michaelis Article [pdf]
VIII Underspecified Representations
IX Boxing Lessons
X Presuppositions as Pronouns