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  • Geophysical Techniques 1 (GSC5201 UoM)
  • Geology 1 (GSC5200  UoM)
  • Introduction to Computational Physics (PHY2160 UoM)
  • Electricity and Magnetism (PHY1140 UoM)
  • Physics Seminar  (PHY5008 UoM)
  • Physics of the Earth System (EMP1007 UoM)
  • Dynamics of the Earth: Geological Systems (EMP1008 UoM)
  • Essential Concepts for Earth Systems Science (EMP1003 UoM)
  • Environmental Risk Management (EMP3011 UoM)
  • Earthquake Seismology (PHY3215 UoM)
  • Computational Physics Practical 2 – Linux modulus (PHY2115 UoM)
  • Physics Practical 3 - Linux modulus (PHY3101 UoM)
  • Short Review Paper and Seminar (PHY3205 UoM)
  • Wave propagation: theory and practice (INGV)
  • Physics of the earthquake source (INGV)
  • Seismic Signal Processing (INGV)
  • Active Seismic Tomography (INGV)
  • Geophysical Techniques for the Environmental Monitoring (INGV)
  • General Physics (ME)
  • Introduction to Earthquake Seismology - TA (EAS-193 SLU)
  • Is Earth Unique? - TA (EAS-134 SLU)
  • General Mathematics and Physics (Italian High Schools)




Last Updated: 10 November 2015

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