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Volume 2 - Issue 1
Volume 2 (1997)
Issue 1 (June 1997) - Issue 2 (Dec. 1997)

Editor: Angela Xuereb

Associate Editors: Martin Ebejer, Richard Muscat, Christian A. Scerri & Emmanuel Sinagra

Volume 2 - Issue 2

Volume 2, Issue 1 (June 1997)
Stefan Micallef 
Preparedness and Response to Accidental Marine Pollution
Invited Editorial [ Article
p. 4
Aldo F. Drago
Hydrigraphic Measurements in the North Western Coastal Area of Malta
Research Article [ Article
p. 6
Victor Axiak
Evaluation of Environmental Impact of Yacht Marina Development in Malta
Research Article [ Article
p. 15
Christopher Rizzo and Alain Le Breton
The Impact of Aquaculture on the Water Quality of Maltese Waters
Research Article [ Article
p. 21
Alfred J. Vella, Simon Testa and Christopher Zammit
Geochemistry of the Soll Facies of the Lower Globigerina Limestone Formation, Malta
Research Article [ Article
p. 27
Ian Mifsud, Andrew J. Amato-Gauci, Lucianne Licari, Michael Sammut
Preliminary Investigation on Radon Levels in Local Dwelling
Research Article [ Article
p. 34
Current Research Profile - Edward A. Mallia D.Phil.(Oxon)  [ Article ] p. 39
The Non-Marine Molluscs of the Maltese Island; Introduction of Alien Species of Flora & Fauna: Proceedings of Seminar held at Qawra, Malta; The Faber Book of Science
Book Reviews [ Article ]
p. 41


Volume 2, Issue 2 (December 1997)
Richard Muscat (Associate Editor)
Drug and Alcohol Misuse in Malta
Editorial  [ Article ]
p. 4
Cecil R. Pace-Asciak and Santosh Nigam
The Lipoxygenases: a mini review
Review Article  [ Article ]
p. 5
Susan Tresman with Valda Stevens and Sue Spurr
Effective Assessment of Professional Development in Primary Science: A Case Study from the Open University, UK - Primary Teachers Learning Science
Research Article [ Article ]
p. 10
Ivan Debono and Charles Scerri
Mu, Delta and Kappa Opioid Receptor Involvement in the Hypothermic Response to Caffeine and Theophylline
Research Article [ Article ]
p. 15
Noel Vella and Mark Gauci
Drug and Alcohol Abuse in the Workplace; A Survey of Managers' Awareness of the Problem
Research Article [ Article ]
p. 23
Michael Briffa
First Checklist of the Myxomycetes of Malta
Research Article [ Article ]
p. 28
Abstracts - Darren Caruana Ph.D. [ Article ] p. 35
Report on Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs [ Article ] p. 37


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