List of Publications


Evaluating E-Learning by identification of relevant issues in Instructional Web Based Environments
ATEE 28th Conference Malta, (August 2003)

A Postmodern Perspective on the Educational Attributes of Hypertext Environments (2005)

Journal of Maltese Educational Research (2005) 3(2), pp. 66-81

A Short Reflection On Values And  Educational research
Symposia Melitensia, 2005, (2), pp. 113-123

Detectors at CERN (2009)
MASE (Maltese Association of Science Educators) e-newsletter (3), pp. 5,7. MASE Malta.

SEC SUCCESS PHYSICS Questions and Model Answers 2006-2007. Book
Agius and Agius Books Ltd, Malta. (2010)

SEC  PHYSICS Q&A 2008-2009. Book
Miller Distributors Ltd, Malta. (2010)

Into The Looking Glass Of Interpretations. A Methodological Evaluation Of Technological Frames.
International Journal of Arts and Sciences (2012). 4 (9), pp. 299-305.

Teachers' Interpretations of  The Internet. An Applied Case Study for the Evaluation of Technological Frames of Reference
Informatics in Education, 2012, Vol. 11, No. 2, pp. 151-167. Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, ISSN 1648-5831


Unpublished Research

Evaluating Proficiency and Proliferation of Internet in Maltese Students Pursuing Advanced Level Physics
(University of Sheffield, 1999)

Structurational Interpretation of Issues Underlying the Implementation of Internet based Systems in Malta

(University of Sheffield, 2009)