articles in the general and popular press

Some popular writings connected to my research.

other media coverage

The Times of Malta reports on our ongoing efforts to crowdsource voices for Maltese ASR, as part of MASRI - Maltese Automatic Speech RecognItion.

MASRI - Maltese Automatic Speech RecognItion, was featured at the Houses of Parliament during Science in the House. News coverage of the event appeared on TVM - Public Broadcasting Services.

Lab to Life: Smart Search for Maltese Legal Professionals. Interview with Cassi Camilleri, Think magazine, 2017. This interview focusses on ongoing work with Gordon J Pace on the intelligent analysis of legal texts.

Computational Linguistics. Interview with Velislava Hillman, Times of Malta, September 11, 2015. This interview formed part of the 'Zone' series on the online Times of Malta portal.

Language and the bigger picture (documentary in Maltese). A documentary on research at the interface between linguistics, cognition, computation, social and health sciences (in Maltese). This documentary was aired on national television on the occasion of the Science in the City festival, 30th September, 2015.