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Media and Knowledge Sciences Building, Rm 608, University of Malta
Tal-Qroqq Msida MSD2080, Malta

(+356) 2340 2150

past and current team members

research assistants and postdocs

Carlos Hernandez Mena (2019-present). MASRI: Maltese Automatic Speech Recognition

Marc Tanti (2020-). MUFINS: NLP-Driven FInancial News and content Search

Michele Cafagna (2020-). NL4XAI: Interactive Natural Technology for Explainable Artificial Intelligence

research students

Amanda Muscat (PhD candidate) (2019-present). Stylistic features for trait profiling

Michele Cafagna (PhD candidate) (2020-present). Multimodal Semantic Grounding and Model Transparency (NL4XAI project)

Juliette Faille (PhD candidate, Loria, Nancy, France) (2020-present). Explainability of Text Production Models (NL4XAI project; co-supervisor)

Ettore Mariotti (PhD candidate, University of Santiago de Compostela) (2020-present). Black-Box model interpretability and explainability (NL4XAI project; co-supervisor)

Inga Lang (MSc Human Language Science and Technology) (2020-2021). Visually grounded interpretation of compounds

former students

Jake Joseph Dalli (MSc Artificial Intelligence) (2019-2020). Cross-Lingual Textual Entailment

Gaetana Ruggiero (MSc Human Language Science and Technology) (2019-2020). Authorship Attribution and Verification in Italian Personal Writings

Marion Bartl (MSc Human Language Science and Technology) (2019-2020). Cross-Lingual Measurement and Mitigation of Gender Bias in BERT

Marc Tanti (PhD) (2015-2019). Deep learning architectures for image captioning

Claudia Borg (PhD) (2013-2017). Computational morphology

Luke Galea (PhD; as co-supervisor) (2013-2016). Morphology, phonology, experimental psycholinguistics

Somaye Jafari (MSc Human Language Science and Technology) (2017-2018). Generation of entailments from images and premises

Angelo Basile (MSc Human Language Science and Technology) (2017-2018). Detection of socio-economic profiles from user-generated text

Hoa Vutrong (MSc Human Language Science and Technology) (2016-2017). Grounded textual entailment using deep learning architectures