What is Web Science?

Web Science is a new interdisciplinary field whose aim is help understand the web, engineer its future and ensure its social benefits for the good of everyone. It brings together academics, scientists, sociologists, entrapreneurs and decision makers from around the world. These people will examine the World Wide Web and all its different aspects in order to offer the practical solutions needed to help guide its future use and design.

Course Structure and Notes?

Web Science and Knowledge Management XML Technologies Web Techniques
Introductory Lecture XML Installing Ruby On Rails
A short history of the Internet and the WWW Advanced XML Introducing Ruby
Web 1.0 DTD Introducing Rails
Web 2.0 X-Schema Creating a Blog with ROR
Web X.0 SAX The MVC
KM and the KM Life Cycle DOM Helpers, Forms and Layouts
Acquiring Knowledge X-Path Web 2 and ROR
Modelling Knowledge X-Query Creating Twitter with ROR
Retrieving Knowledge XSLT Advanced ROR
Reusing Knowledge FOP Web Usability
Publishing Knowledge X-Link Web Marketing
Maintaining Knowledge X-Form Search Engine Optimisation
The SW in the Industry
Emerging Technologies

Assignment 2009/2010

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