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  • Digital Evidence Targeting covErt Cyberattacks through Timely Information Forensics (DETECTIF), MCST FUSION: R&I Research Excellence Programme (project page)

    • Lawful evidence cOllecting and Continuity plAtfoRm Development (LOCARD), Horizon2020 Project (project page)
    • Secure Communication in the Quantum Era, NATO-funded project, 2018-2022 (project page)
    • OPE is a project funded financed by the EU through the HORIZON 2020 Programme in which the Department of Computer Science of the University of Malta is involved. (project page)
    • Generating Online Monitors from Tests Automatically (GOMTA), MCST-funded project, 2013 (project page)
    • Dependability and Error-Recovery in Security Intensive Financial Systems, MCST-funded project, 2008-2011 (project page)

    Last Updated: 5 August 2022

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