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Marine Spatial Planning:

Deidun, A., Borg, S., and Micallef, A. (2011) Making the Case for Marine Spatial Planning in the Maltese Islands, Ocean Development and International Law, 42, 1: 136-154.

Salt weathering:

Micallef, A., Viles, H.A., Goudie, A.S. and Sancho, C. (2006) Capillary migration of anions in porous rocks: laboratory simulations and implications for weathering in sandstones, European Geosciences Union Annual Meeting 2006, Vienna, Austria.

Micallef, A., Viles, H.A. and Goudie, A.S. (2003) Salt migration by capillary action through lithic arenite sandstone as controlled by solution concentration and drying rate, British Geomorphological Research Group Annual Conference, Oxford, UK.

Coral records:

Deidun, A., Tsounis, G., Balzan, F. and Micallef, A. (2010) Records of black coral (Antipatharia) and red coral (Corallium rubrum) fishing activities in the Maltese Islands, Marine Biodiversity Records, 3, 1-6.

Last Updated: 25 July 2011

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