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O. Gauci, C.J. Debono, P. Micallef, "A Nonlinear Feature Extraction Method for Phoneme Recognition" Melecon 2008, Ajaccio, May 2008.
Oliver Gauci, Carl J. Debono, Paul Micallef, "An Enhanced Centered Binary Tree of SVMs Algorithm for Phoneme Recognition," Eurocon 2007, Warsaw, October 2007.
R.A. Farrugia, C.J. Debono, P.Micallef, "Channel Modelling and Simulation of a Ka-Band Videoconferencing System", Proc of the 13th IEEE Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference (MELECON 2006), pp 613-616, ISBN: 1-4244-0088-0, 2006
R.A. Farrugia, C.J. Debono, P.Micallef, "Modelling the End-to-End Video Quality of a Practical Videoconferencing System", Proc. of OPNETWORK 2006 Conf, Washington DC, USA, 2006
R.A. Farrugia, C.J. Debono, P.Micallef, "Development of a Ka-Band Videoconferencing System Model using OPNET Modeler", Chamber of Engineers Annual Conference, 2006
C.J. Debono, P. Micallef, "A Virtual Classroom Solution for Education in Rural Areas," Proc. of the Int. Conf. on Interactive Computer Aided Learning, ICL 2005, ISBN: 3-89958-136-9, 2005.
H.T. Fenech, E. Lance, P.J. Micallef, C.J. Debono, M. Zapata Margeli, G. Verelst, B. Durin, "Providing an e-Lecture Facility Between Malta and Gozo Using Skyplex Data," Proc. of the 11th Ka and Broadband Communications Conference, 2005.
R.A. Farrugia, C.J. Debono, P.Micallef, "Propagation Impairments Modeling and QoS Parameters Characterization in a Ka-Band Videoconferencing System," Proc. of EUROCON 2005 - The International Conference on "Computer as a Tool", pp. 453 - 456, ISBN: 1-4244-0050-3, 2005.
P. Micallef,   “ Pitch contour analysis based on Derived Model “’ Forum Acusticum, Seville, September 2002
P. Micallef, Sammut R., “Statistical Comparison of Islamic and Byzantine Chants in the worship spaces”, Workshop on CAHRISMA Project, YTU – Istanbul, December 2002.




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