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List of some historical laboratory equipment

Achromatism and Compound Prisms

Astatic Needle Galvanometer

Atwood's Machine

The Balance

Barlow's Wheel

Callendar's Apparatus for the Mechanical Equivalent of Heat 


Cathode Ray Oscillograph Tube

The Compound Microscope

Crookes' Radiometer

The Daniell Cell

Daniell's Hygrometer

Delezenne's Circle

Differential Air Thermometer

Discharge Tubes


The Electrostatic Voltmeter

Equality of Pressure in all Directions

Equilibrium Conditions for a Liquid

The Fortin Barometer


The Inclined Plane


The Magic Lantern

The Micrometer

Molecular Depression of Freezing point

Nicholson's Hydrometer

Norremberg's Apparatus to Demonstrate Polarisation of Light

Organ Pipe



The Polarimeter

Regnault's Apparatus for Specific Heat

Resistance Box

Retardation of Solidification

The Siren 

The Spherometer

The Spirit Level

The Tangent Galvanometer

The Thermocouple

The Vernier Scale

Water Hammer