My main interests are in computational linguistics, experimental psycholinguistics and semantics.

I work especially in Natural Language Generation (NLG). I'm particularly interested in models of reference production and generation, data-to-text NLG, and temporal coherence in narrative.

I'm also interested in morphology from a computational and a psycholinguistic point of view.

current projects and initiatives

past projects


ENLG 2013: 14th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation. 8-9 August, Sofia, Bulgaria (in cunjunction with ACL 2013)

PRE-CogSci 2013: Production of Referring Expressions: Bridging the Gap between Computational and Cognitive Approaches to Reference. 31st July, Berlin, Germany (in conjunction with CogSci 2013)


Institute of Linguistics
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University of Malta
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Tel: (+356) 2340 2150