Albert Gatt

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Institute of Linguistics and Language Technology, Rm 111, University of Malta
Tal-Qroqq Msida MSD2080, Malta

(+356) 2340 2150

albert gatt

I am currently Senior Lecturer and Director of the Institute of Linguistics and Language Technology, University of Malta.

I'm also affiliated as a Research Associate with the Tilburg center for Communication and Cognition (TiCC), Tilburg University, The Netherlands.

I'm mainly interested in how language is produced by humans and machines, especially when language is grounded in non-linguistic information, such as numerical data, or visual scenes. My research falls within the areas of Natural Language Generation and language production. I make use of both computational techniques, including machine learning, and experimental psycholinguistic methods.

A manuscript of our survey of Natural Language Generation systems and techniques is now online on arxiv.

Models of Reference, an edited topic in Frontiers in Psychology: Language Sciences is now available as an ebook.

INLG 2017

International Conference on Natural Language Generation, Santiago de Compostela, Spain. 4-7 September, 2017