Albert Gatt

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Media and Knowledge Sciences Building, Rm 608, University of Malta
Tal-Qroqq Msida MSD2080, Malta

(+356) 2340 2150

albert gatt

Associate Professor in Human Language Technology at the Institute of Linguistics and Language Technology, University of Malta.

research interests

My research mostly focusses on the generation of language by machines (a.k.a. Natural Language Generation) and the production of language by humans. My methods include both experimental psycholinguistic methods, and computational methods, including machine learning models such as neural networks. Here are some of the topics I explore:

  • Data-to-text generation, that is, the automatic summarisation of non-linguistic information, in forms that are understandable by people
  • The vision-language interface, especially image captioning and grounded inference
  • The production and generation of referring expressions, especially the question of what to include in object descriptions in visual scenes

Apart from these, another long-standing interest is the development of tools and resources for under-resourced languages. You can find resources and tools for the languages of Malta on the portal of our MLRS Project.

I'm also interested in morphology. Here, I'm particularly intrigued by languages such as Maltese, which have hybrid systems of word-formation processes, making them very challenging both from a computational and a psycholinguistic perspective.