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B.Eng (Hons.) Final Year Project



 Design and Implementation of a Miniature Stewart Platform and Control System 

 Andrew G. Vella


 Control of a Ball-and-Beam Apparatus 

 Simon Sultana


 Eye-in-Hand Visual Servoing with a Robotic Arm 

 Abigail Spiteri

 A Self-balancing Unicycle Robot 

 Nicole Bonello

 Model Predictive Control of a Quadruple Tank Level System 

 Nicholas-Kane Grixti


 Attitude Control of a Pico-Satellite with Reaction Wheels 

 Denise Baldacchino

 Swarm Robotics 

 Luke Camilleri


 System integration and control of a mini robotic manipulator 

 Marlon Galea 


A Reaction Wheel Inverted Pendulum

Matthew Camilleri

A Speech Interface for a Mobile Robot

Gabriella Pizzuto

A Writing and Sketching Robot

Marlon Vella


Dynamic  Modelling of an Industrial Robotic Manipulator

Luke Farrugia

Remote  Control of a Lego Mindstorms Robot Over the Internet

Darryl Schembri

Programming  of Virtual Haptic Environments

Matthias Cassar

Simultaneous  Localization and Mapping in Mobile Robotics

Mark Debono


Multiclass  motor imagery BCI system

Elaine D'Amato

Particle  Swarm Optimization for Control Design

Julian Mercieca

Stochastic  Techniques for Modelling of Dynamic Systems

Francesca Vella


Control  of a Robotic Finger using Shape Memory Alloy Actuation

Mario Cauchi

Active  Control of Vibrations in a Cantilever Beam

Wanda Gauci

Robot  Manipulator Control

Raymond Muscat


Control of a Robotic Finger with Non-Conventional  Actuators

Nicholas Aquilina

Active Vibration and Noise Control

Steve Dimech

Multiple Model Adaptive Control

Melvin Gauci


Haptic Control of a  Joystick for Aircraft Simulation

Clinton Grech

Adaptive  Control of a Robotic Manipulator

Mark Sammut


Automatic  Fault Detection and Control Reconfiguration

Graziella Borg

Neural  Network Control of a Robotic Manipulator

Lisa Farrugia

Haptic  Force Feedback for a Human-Controlled Command Device

Andrew Zammit Mangion


Trajectory Tracking Control of a Mobile Robot

Tara Baldacchino

Neural Networks for Modelling and Control of Dynamic  Systems

Johann Mercieca

Velocity and Force Control of a Dexterous Robotic  Finger

Rebecca Spiteri


Sensor-Data Fusion in Mobile Robotics

Veronica Bugeja

Position and Force Control of Robotic Grippers

Karl Coppini

Fuzzy Control of an Inverted Pendulum

John Joseph Valletta


Versatile  Control of Robotic Grippers

Paul  Abela

Self-localization  of a Mobile Robot

Kevin  Borg

Adaptive  Control of an Inverted Pendulum

Owen  Casha


Autonomous guidance of a mobile  robot

Ivan Ellul

Adaptive regulators for process  control

Alan Giordmaina

Design, modelling and simulation  of a multi-sensory robotic hand

Lorna Mintoff


Autonomous guidance of a mobile  robot

Owen Baldacchino

Nonlinear swing-up and stabilizing  control of an inverted pendulum system

Marvin Bugeja

Self-tuning temperature regulator

Nicholas Gingell


Electromagnetic levitation and  suspension control systems

Patrick Attard

Control of an inverted pendulum  system

Derek J.Grech

Nonlinear adaptive backstepping  control

Monique Mallia

Design and implementation of a  mobile robot

Elvio Spiteri


Interface and control of a  five-degree-of-freedom hydraulic robotic manipulator

Kenneth Scerri


System identification using  Gaussian Radial Basis Function Neural Networks

Winston Pirotta

Reduced order sliding mode control  for pneumatic actuators

Mark Falzon

Analysis and use of fuzzy control  techniques

Carmelo Gafa

Automated oligonucleotide purifier

Anthony B. Cassar

Automatic lathe using stepper  motors

Alexander Camilleri

On-line computer control and  modelling of process parameters in a bioreactor system

Oliver P. Fsadni


Use of state-space techniques for  servo control

Carmelo Curmi


Computer controlled light tracking  system

Charles Micallef



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