University of Malta
Professor Alfred Cuschieri
Department of Anatomy
University of Malta

This course of embryology is intended for first year medical students. Students should study the presentations and refer to the recommended texts before attending the interactive discussion on the same topic. The discussions will not be a replay of the presentations but will be centred around simple but relevant problems that will encourage students to think and to apply basic knowledge to problem solving.

Preparation for pregnancy
Fertilization and the first week of life
Implantation and the second week of life
The Fourth Week of Life
The Placenta and Twins
Pattern formation in the Embryo
Development of the heart I
Development of the heart II
Development of the respiratory sysytem
Development of the Gastro-intestinal system
Development of liver and pancreas
Development of Axial Skeleton and Limbs
The foetal circulation
Development of the branchial arches
Development of the urinary system
Development of the genital system

Embryology Test

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