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Intro to CompSys
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 CCE 1011

Introduction to Computer Systems


This first Computer Course does not assume any background in the subject.


Computer Organization & Architecture – Design for Performance, 9th edition, William Stallings, Prentice Hall – Pearson.

We will be using material from the first thirteen Chapters. However the rest can be used for subsequent courses on Computer Logic and Computer Architecture


10% course work                      90% examination

Notes   1    Notes 2         Additional Notes3

The textbook has a website  from where there is available a variety of useful resources. My notes will include a considerable amount of material from this website and some additional material where there are differences in the syllabus from the material in the textbook.

Coursework  for Semester 1

This will be explained further on during the semester


Tutorial No 1      Tutorial No 2   Tutorial No 3   Tutorial 3 Soln  

Online Tutorial

Using Stallings online page at


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