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Program committee member for FSEN 2017.
Invited Lecturer at the ARVI International Summer School on Runtime Verification in Madrid, Spain.
Conference paper A Monitoring Tool for a Branching-Time Logic has been accepted at RV 2016.
A co-proposed three year project titled Theoretical Foundations for Monitorability has been accepted by Rannis (The Icelandic Research Fund). The project is in collaboration with Luca Aceto and Anna Ingolfsdottir from Reykjavik University .
Conference paper Using Gherkin to extract Tests and Monitors for Safer Medical Device Interaction Design has been accepted at EICS 2016.
Workshop paper Preliminary Results Towards Contract Monitorability has been accepted at PrePost 2016.
Mar 16 Conference paper On Implementing a Monitor-Oriented Programming Framework for Actor Systems has been accepted at iFM 2016.
Mar 16 BETTY COST Action Meeting: Valletta, Malta (local organiser).
Jan 16 Program committee member for RV 2016 .
Jan 16 Program committee co-chair for PREPOST 2016 .
Dec 15 Conference paper A Theory of Monitors has been accepted at FoSSaCS 2016.
Sep 15 Program Committee member for WSFM/BEAT 2015 .
Jun 15 Conference paper On Verifying Hennessy-Milner Logic with Recursion at Runtime has been accepted at RV 2015.
Jun 15 Conference paper Runtime Adaptation for Actor Systems has been accepted at RV 2015.
Apr 15 Conference paper Investigating Instrumentation Techniques for ESB Runtime Verification has been accepted at SEFM 2015.
Apr 15 Workshop paper Unlocking Blocked Communicating Processes has been accepted at WWV 2015.
Jan 15 Conference paper An LTL Proof System for Runtime Verification has been accepted at TACAS 2015.
Jan 15 Workshop paper Improving Runtime Overheads for detectEr has been accepted at FESCA 2015.
Nov 14 Journal paper Synthesising Correct Concurrent Runtime Monitors has been published in the Journal of Formal Methods in System Design (FMSD)
Sep 14 3 papers accepted in the journal Xjenza:
Uniqueness Typing For A Higher-Order Language, Formal Proofs for Broadcast Algorithms and Monitoring Distributed Systems with Distributed PolyLarva.
Aug 14 DetectEr Project website launched, accompanying the tool development repository
Jul 14 Paper On Synchronous and Asynchronous Monitor Instrumentation for Actor-based systems has been accepted at FOCLASA 2014
Jun 14 Program Committee co-chair for BEAT 2014 .
Mar 14 Journal paper Compositional Reasoning for Explicit Resource Management in Channel-Based Concurrency has been accepted at LMCS.
Sep 13 Paper Code Management Automation for Erlang Remote Actors has been accepted at Agere 2013.
Sep 13 A prototype implementation for automating migration and management of codebases in Distributed Erlang is available to download from here. It accompanies a paper discussing the underlying technology.
Jul 13 Paper Towards an Abstraction for Remote Evaluation in Erlang has been accepted at Erlang Workshop 2013.
Jul 13 Conference paper Synthesising Correct Concurrent Runtime Monitors (Extended Abstract) has been accepted at RV2013.
May 13 Program Committee member for BEAT II 2013 .
Apr 13 The journal paper Distributed System Contract Monitoring superseding the extended abstract of the same name, has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programming (JLAP).
Feb 13 A new tool DetectEr, automating the synthesis of synchronous monitors, checking for safety property violations by Erlang systems, is available to download. It accompanies a technical report discussing the underlying theory.
Feb 13 The technical report Synthesising Correct Concurrent Runtime Monitors in Erlang is now available here.
Jan 13 The paper Extensible Technology Agnostic Runtime Verification has been accepted at FESCA2013 (in conjunction with ETAPS 2013).
Nov 12 The paper Reasoning about Explicit Resource Management is now superseded by the technical report Compositional Reasoning for Channel-Based Concurrent Resource Management available here.
Jul 12 Paper Simplifying Contract-Violating Traces has been accepted at FLACOS2012.
Jun 12 Program Committee member for SVARM/VERIFY 2012 .
May 12 Conference paper polyLarva: Runtime Verification with Configurable Resource-Aware Monitoring Boundaries has been accepted at SEFM2012.
Apr 12 Journal paper Uniqueness Typing for Resource Management in Message-Passing Concurrency has been accepted at Journal of Logic and Computation.
Mar 12 3 Papers presented at WICT'12:
Towards a Formalisation of Erlang Failure and Failure Detection,
Towards a Specification-Based Correctness of Erlang Systems Through Asynchronous Monitoring,
and Considerations for Monitoring Highly Concurrent Systems.
Sep 11 Paper Distributed System Contract Monitoring has been accepted at FLACOS 2011.
Aug 11 Paper Elarva: A Monitoring tool for Erlang has been accepted at RV 2011.
Jun 11 Journal paper Permission-based Separation Logic for Message-Passing Concurrency has been accepted at LMCS.
Mar 11 Paper Reasoning about Explicit Resource Management has been accepted at PLACES'11 (in conjunction with ETAPS 2011).